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    Keeping Characters True Throughout Your Story

    If there is one thing avid readers are frustrated by, it is reading a novel or other story in which the details of personality of any of its characters change throughout the read. When a story feels as if it was thrown together, it becomes hard to follow, and readers do not want that. They...
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    A Quick Guide for Writers on Creating a Business Plan

    Because being a writer involves so much more than writing, many writers can be put off by “what happens next” after their manuscript is complete. Some will delay writing for fear of the selling process while others may have the next great American novel sitting in a file on their laptop hoping it will publish...
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    Publishers’ Top Tips for Successful Book Queries

    Literary agents and publishers have a tough job sorting through the piles of queries that come across their desks during any given month. Some rare gems are sent in by authors who are experienced in cleaning up their own work and educated in the query process. They understand what is expected of them and how...
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    Famous Writers Who Can Inspire Persevering and/or Mature Writers

    Some writers bloom early and receive recognition early, while others receive recognition later (even if they start early), or become writers later in life. If you have the urge to write, take heart from those who came before you and didn’t give up, or became inspired late in life. Sometimes Inspiration and Opportunity Are Delayed...
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    How Storytelling Was Renewed and Refashioned by Graphic Novels

    The engaging words and images mix of graphic novels (long-form narratives in the style of comic books) has enabled creative storytellers to craft compelling stories. Academic and critical respect has followed for what was once identified as an inferior reading genre. The internet age and the reduced free time people have today have boosted the...


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