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    Starting Your Book: First Draft Pitfalls to Avoid

    As a writer, do you balk at big projects? Do you wonder where to begin or have problems focusing on the mountain of work before you? If you are beginning a book and can’t figure out where to start, or if you are mid-story and have lost focus, reading through these pitfalls and how to...
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    Graphic Novels Are Gaining in Popularity

    Graphic novels (another name for comic books) have become increasingly popular with children, teen readers, and adults. The boom in the last 10 years in this category is due to the popularity of Japanese comics with young readers. The result is that critics recognize the artistic value of graphic novels with awards, and educators are...
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    Utilize a Writing Partner to Improve Focus

    Even the most seasoned writer can lose focus with their work. Whether working on a freelance article with a tight deadline or a full-length novel involving extensive research, things can and will get in the way. At times, this can make a writer feel unproductive, questioning their own abilities and undermining confidence in their work....
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    Great Tech Habits for Writers and Editors

    Technology is absolutely liberating in the way that it brings writers and editors together in every form of project. Not only does it offer support in major ways like easier organization and faster communication, it also allows us to live in the present with instant access to information on everything from quick technical style questions...
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    Using Trademarked Names Generically

    Read the following sentence and ask yourself what’s wrong with it: I began my fitness regimen by googling “low-impact workouts.” Your attention should be drawn to the term “googling,” as it is being used as a verb in lieu of “searching.” While this type of language may be commonplace among millions who use Google every...


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