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Writing & Editing News

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    Writing Style, Plot, Pacing, and Book Marketing Depend on the Selected Genre

    Every genre has distinct rules and reader expectations. Readers often select their reading material by genre. Choosing the genre helps in plotting, constructing the appropriate writing style, and selling the book to the right audience. Publishing success depends on the category in which the book is marketed. For instance, a general fiction book wil...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    The Art of Turning a Book into a Screenplay

    How does a writer create a screenplay from a manuscript? The writer needs to know how best to transform the content of the manuscript so that it is suitable for the screen. A writer needs to think outside the box because writing a screenplay requires a different skill set. From a Solitary Creator to Multiple...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Why Was British WW I Poetry so Memorable?

    In the annals of poetry, the First World War is known for some of the most moving war poetry ever written. The soldier-poets of the First World War left a deep mark. These war poets were exemplified by Wilfred Owen (who perished a week before the end of the war), Siegfried Sassoon (fellow poet and...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    The Subgenres of Historical Fiction

    What is historical fiction? An accepted definition is that it is fiction set 50 or more years ago and requires a writer’s reliance on research. Sir Walter Scott in England began the genre we recognize as historical fiction, but its origins lie in the more distant past. Historical fiction’s appeal has not dulled over time,...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Young Adult Historical Fiction and Its Value

    Historical fiction can offer more than escapism to adolescent readers. Re-creations of history in historical fiction (when based on accurate evidence) sheds light on history in a way that facts by themselves cannot. It can enlighten young adults (YA) about ways of being and conflicts in another time, and also resonate with their own pathway...


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