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Writing & Editing News

  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    How Storytelling Was Renewed and Refashioned by Graphic Novels

    The engaging words and images mix of graphic novels (long-form narratives in the style of comic books) has enabled creative storytellers to craft compelling stories. Academic and critical respect has followed for what was once identified as an inferior reading genre. The internet age and the reduced free time people have today have boosted the...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    An Interesting Life Deserves an Amazing Memoir

    Have you done something in your life that few others have, or perhaps something your friends and family only wish they had? Have you had a life experience that has fundamentally changed the way you look at things or the way you act or live? If so, you should consider putting your experiences in writing...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Putting Grief into Words

    Grief involves a broad range of emotions that can be difficult to sort out. Putting them on paper not only helps sort out those feelings, but also helps a writer connect with their audience in a real, raw way that other writing cannot accomplish. There are several ways to approach writing about grief, and each...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Why Alan Moore Became a Trend-Setting Graphic Novelist

    British writer Alan Moore is one of the most prolific and critically acclaimed writers of the graphic novel genre. His groundbreaking novels include the super hero series, “Watchmen,” and historical horror story, “From Hell.” Meant for a Mature Audience Alan Moore’s stories are usually set in a dystopian environment and can contain political critiq...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Graphic Novels Are Gaining in Popularity

    Graphic novels (another name for comic books) have become increasingly popular with children, teen readers, and adults. The boom in the last 10 years in this category is due to the popularity of Japanese comics with young readers. The result is that critics recognize the artistic value of graphic novels with awards, and educators are...


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