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Writing brings immigrant author Reyna Grande back home https://t.co/a6Gznk5nUS

Literature and Creative Writing departments bring poet Afaa Weaver to the Hill by The Spectator https://t.co/MFjoV7RwXB

Tony Gilroy talks ‘Rogue One’ and writing in the movie industry https://t.co/rx8No2QjSe

WV Book Festival: Lehane gives quick lesson in writing about what you know https://t.co/aDt68qhcBX

Write what you eat: "The Best American Food Writing 2018" https://t.co/yzMTzdm9zZ

Celebration of Writing event scheduled for Saturday https://t.co/MNcNKZpdiO

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Writing & Editing News

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    Polishing the First Draft of a Novel before Submission

    Inexperienced novelists are often confused about the steps that follow after the first draft is finished. Novelists who plan to go the traditional publishing route need to revise and re-edit their work before finding an agent. In this process the output should also be free of the common mistakes made by first-time novelists. Otherwise the...
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    Writing an Engaging Book for Children

    According to a Pew Internet survey of teachers, a majority thinks students are distracted easily and have shorter attention spans. However, a good children’s book will still capture their attention, even though children’s exposure to technology is a distracting factor. Kids still love to immerse themselves in stories and transport themselves in the...
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    Follow Submission Guidelines to Avoid Burial in the Slush Pile

    Writers need to pay attention and show respect by following submission guidelines. The best way to avoid being discarded in the slush pile is to follow the submission guidelines. The slush pile is the publishing industry term for unsolicited manuscripts or query letters sent by authors, or unfamiliar agents, to the publisher. Submission Guidelines ...
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    Do You Know the Category of Your Fiction Novel?

    Are you writing a literary, mainstream/general fiction, or genre novel? Did you think about genres when you started writing your novel, or afterwards? Some authors easily identify the category of their work. However, others find it more difficult. Categorizing the fiction type is important for agents and publishers. It helps to position the marketi...
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    4 Actionable Tips for Bloggers

    Bloggers have to engage and maintain their readers’ attention. A study has found that only 16% of visitors of a website read every word of its content. Evidence from consumer reports, polls, and experiments reveals that computer screens make the content more difficult to read than it would be on printed paper. A blog writer...


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