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Writing & Editing News

  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Great Tech Habits for Writers and Editors

    Technology is absolutely liberating in the way that it brings writers and editors together in every form of project. Not only does it offer support in major ways like easier organization and faster communication, it also allows us to live in the present with instant access to information on everything from quick technical style questions...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Using Trademarked Names Generically

    Read the following sentence and ask yourself what’s wrong with it: I began my fitness regimen by googling “low-impact workouts.” Your attention should be drawn to the term “googling,” as it is being used as a verb in lieu of “searching.” While this type of language may be commonplace among millions who use Google every...
  • in Uncategorized

    Why Some Writers Prefer Fictional, or Disguised Real Settings, and Others Don’t

    Character, plot, and place are intertwined elements good writers use artfully. Sometimes the place is fictional (for example, Kent Haruf’s Holt, Colorado), or real (Naples, the backdrop of a quartet of Elena Ferrante’s novels), or disguised (Oxford disguised as Christminster by Thomas Hardy). The Importance of the Setting The setting imbues the sto...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Why Writers Use Small Town Settings So Often

    For writers who grew up or lived in small towns, writing about them comes easily because that life is so familiar to them. Unlike large cities with many service providers, small towns demand more of local residents, who need to become handy at doing things because the service is either not nearby or not easily...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Elements of Compelling Characters and Learning How to Create Them

    Compelling characters grab a reader’s attention and pull the reader into the story. In the best fiction, a reader becomes an interested observer, or at least feels as if he or she is part of the plot. How do writers create characters? And, how do writers create characters who are so interesting that readers care...


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