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Edmond writing camp set for teens https://t.co/piaHAGAulE

This poet is writing one million letters to strangers https://t.co/6szQa2kmre via @MetroUK

Writer's Journey Panel: Breaking In And Managing A Career In Hollywood https://t.co/Ffpux8UtdS

Author spotlight: Local photographer Sara Ernst publishes first children's book https://t.co/qRpWTVD7Ok via @newsadvance

This University Is Offering the First Spanish-Language Creative Writing PhD in the Country https://t.co/z8OnW1RITw via @remezcla

John Boyega and 'Dawson's Creek': The week in pop-culture writing https://t.co/gDhDbOJkjl

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Writing & Editing News

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    Support Your Writing with the Right Creative Space

    Writers may at times find themselves stuck for a new angle on an existing project or at a loss for new topics to explore. When this happens, writing becomes frustrating, and that puts a damper on creating new material. If you are a writer, consider how your immediate surroundings affect you. Do the “same four...
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    How Flash Fiction Took Over the Internet

    Flash fiction, or extremely brief works of fiction, has exploded in popularity over the past few years but has been around longer than many realize. In America, one can find examples of such micro-storytelling as early as the 1800s from authors including Kate Chopin and Walt Whitman. The popular magazine Cosmopolitan popularized these short forms...
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    The Difference between Self-Publishing and Vanity Publishing

    New authors are often confounded by the number of paperback and hardcover publishing options available to them. Too often, they may fall into the trap of a publishing website or company simply by not understanding the terms of use or by not reading them. Often, those who seek vanity publishers are also worn down by...
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    How to Write a Novel in 30 Days

    Many writers have churned out quality novels in just a month, and while it will not happen every time, this guide will help you achieve your first draft with ease. The best way to achieve a 30-day novel is to write on a subject you are familiar with. This way the words will come easier,...
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    Easy Ebook Formatting

    Unless authors are paying for specific services through their ebook publisher, including editing, formatting, and file conversion, they will need to take steps to ensure their book reaches readers in a clean, readable format. Bearing in mind that ePub is the most common format used with the Kindle and other reading devices and applications, these...


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