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Directing and Writing Programs Aim to Establish Diverse Roster of Industry Players https://t.co/FrdIrz0oLn

UI student to publish book of writing advice with 61 different authors https://t.co/4NwEb9SFVm

McPhee receives Audubon New York Award for Environmental Writing https://t.co/3Sjhp9tC48

Workshop on effective writing https://t.co/Ox4yLwSZkJ

Bealeton Adult Writing Group Work Session https://t.co/tc6jEas1Lq

Potomac School 4th-grader wins economic-writing competition https://t.co/6xkO9D4H6H

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Writing & Editing News

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    Word Count Separates Short Stories from Novelettes and Novellas

    Aspiring writers should understand the difference between a novella, novelette, and short story. Each form has a specific structure and varies by word count. Some stories are best when they are brief; others require a bigger storyline that can still be finished in one sitting. The idea behind a novella may require more layers and...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Make a Living and Enjoy What You Do as a Children’s Book Author

    Children’s literature is not a poorer form of fiction. Writing for children connects authors to the most enthusiastic readers and impacts their lives. A 20-year study has revealed that books at home increase the potential level of education of children later in life. If you are considering writing for children, you will be rewarded by...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Well Known Writers’ Quirky Habits to Boost the Creative Process

    Some writers need a certain condition to boost their creative process. Many well known writers have found idiosyncratic ways to get their creative juices flowing. These literary icons have found a variety of ways to motivate themselves—from drinking copious amounts of coffee to writing in the buff—to encourage the writing genie to loosen the creati...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Polishing the First Draft of a Novel before Submission

    Inexperienced novelists are often confused about the steps that follow after the first draft is finished. Novelists who plan to go the traditional publishing route need to revise and re-edit their work before finding an agent. In this process the output should also be free of the common mistakes made by first-time novelists. Otherwise the...
  • in Writing & Editing Resources

    Writing an Engaging Book for Children

    According to a Pew Internet survey of teachers, a majority thinks students are distracted easily and have shorter attention spans. However, a good children’s book will still capture their attention, even though children’s exposure to technology is a distracting factor. Kids still love to immerse themselves in stories and transport themselves in the...


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